Overwatch Leagues

Game On esports is proud to host Overwatch leagues for players and teams. Game On staff and referees assist each team with training and rules, but the real strategy is in the players’ hands.

  • Grades: All grades
  • Ages: All ages
  • Recommended Teams of 6 – (6 vs 6)
  • Where: Game On esports Center
  • Cost: $150 per person *Includes Platinum Membership
  • 5 week leagues starting December 2nd
  • Matches held on weekends
  • Team practice dates during the week (will be school/homework friendly)
  • Championship played on Game On champion stage and broadcast on Twitch

Players take control of the game in our fun gaming environment. Team members have to work together in a whole new way—both “in the game” and outside the game.

Overwatch esports teams provides players with a different experience than playing alone, by themselves. They’re able to learn teamwork and a position and they’re challenged to develop a variety of new skills during game play. This competitive setting gives players and teams a real edge on all the basic principles of Overwatch esports and developing great communication and teamwork skills that are ongoing life lessons in a FUN, energetic and supportive atmosphere.

Basic Game On esports Rules

  1. Roster can carry as many as 6 players
  2. Each team plays 2 games each week (in a single hour time block)
    1. 5 Regular Season Weeks (10 games)
    2. 1 Playoff Week (for end-of-season tournament)
  3. Game On staff and referees assist with rules—the rest is up to you!